Niel Willcott’s King Mui Choy Li Fut Kung Fu chart with Chan Sun Chiu. Advertisements

Returning visit

Niel on his returning visit to King Miu to learn from his teacher Chan Sun Chiu.

Chan Heung’s Kwan-Do.

Niel was very fortunate to have a private tour from Chan Sun Chiu of Chan Heung’s house this was followed with some correction and learning in the training hall. Chan Sun Chiu was giving Niel the story of his long and rich life in the Choy Li Fut.

Dinner with Chan Sun Chiu

  to celebrate Niel Willcott’s acceptance as a student. There is a tradition of taking photos in Kung Fu which depicts the role of student and teacher. These photos are often taken when a new student is taken on by a master. Standing behind your teacher (teachers) as they sit shows this, as you can…